Venture Miami

Venture Miami

Our Flagship Charter!

The most relaxing boating experience in Miami! Enjoy a tranquil cruise through many of Miami’s most iconic places. See famous celebrity homes, historical islands, walk in the ankle-deep waters of Haulover Sandbar, snorkel and paddle board the Uleta State Park lagoon and navigate the historical Miami River and port of Miami.

On your exclusive charter you will experience:
Island Hopping – Beer Can Island, Monument Island, and more…
Snorkel and Paddle Board the Oleta State Park lagoon
Miami River
Glamorous celebrity homes
The World Famous Haulover Sandbar

Pick Up: Haulover Marina
10800 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33154

All tours are 4 person minimum, 6 person max

Lunch: around 12

Drop off: 6 hours after departure

$200 per person (+100 per extra hour)

$150 per person for half-day
$20 per person Gourmet sandwich lunch, beer and beverage option
The charter begins with a cruise of Biscayne Bay… You set the course and our captain makes it so.
Biscayne Bay is a beautiful, safe and protected waterway with plenty of beautiful sights and sounds for all to enjoy.

Next is on to lunch. We can offer you a selection of gourmet sandwiches for an additional fee, reserve you a table at one of Miami’s many waterfront restaurants, or you could simply pack your own picnic lunch to bring onboard.

On our way back you decide our destination, available options are Monument Island, Beer Can Island or the world famous Haulover sandbar for a relaxation filled day. As soon as we anchor our captain and mate will launch paddle boards and inflate your own private island so that you can let the beautiful water of the bay wash away all of your worries for the day.

An exciting snorkeling spot is also located in the waters of Oleta State Park.

Drop Off: Our day ends at Haulover Marina between the hours of 2-4

Venture Beyond

Venture Beyond

Explore the waters outside of Miami in a completely immersive experience with our Third Lung! Dive to depths of up to 20-feet with ease as you take in surface-supplied air and enjoy the tranquility found below. With the ability of supplying air for up to 4 people, those in your party will find themselves enjoying this one-of-a-kind experience without the need of a dive license. Choose from our Venture Beyond options below and enjoy the Third Lung as part of your getaway.
• See the historical Fowey Rocks
• Experience the sights at Stiltsville
• Enjoy the Third Lung experience for up to four people
• Take in the peace and quiet at No Name Harbor

VENTURE BEYOND – $250 per person (4 person min. 6 person max)

Romance Package

Spending quality time together with the people you love is exactly what you’ve been waiting for in beautiful Miami. Show your significant other how much you love them by adding our romance package.
Our romance package includes the following items:
• A bottle of white wine, red wine or champagne*
• Fresh chocolate covered strawberries
• Bottled water
• Cheese platter with fresh fruit and cracker/bread (+$50)
When ordering this package, please let us know your choice of white or red wine.

*up to $20 value

ROMANCE PACKAGE – $250 per person (4 person min. 6 person max)

Also available as a standalone evening option for $700 for two